Welcome to the 2023 Hancock County Fair. The fair board has been spending the last several months preparing and planning the events of this year’s Fair. We are glad to inform everyone that the gate admission for the fair this year still stands at $10.00 per person for 2 years and older. We are also excited to partner with Autism Advocates of Hancock County & Casey’s Rides to allow    persons affected with autism to be able to enjoy some ride time alone on Saturday. 

With last year’s fair being a success, we did experience some rain issues on Saturday but as most know we committed to having the derby and our board members and some local individuals did some amazing work to let the derby go on. We plan to have a bigger & better derby than ever with some new class editions, so be on the lookout for those events. One new addition to the fair this year is “Pony Express”, and we are happy to bring back an exciting event with “Ranch Sorting”. We encourage anyone to enter exhibits into the fair, so get the gardens going, and let’s work to make this a record year for exhibits with vegetables, crops, garden produce, flowers, and baked goods. Be sure to check out the exhibit entry in this catalog. Make sure you check out the Hancock County 4H exhibits section. So, we would like to thank all our sponsors if you purchased an ad in the catalog, donated money, or labor, we do certainly          appreciate it. If you are interested in donating some time to the Fair Board, we would be happy to have the extra hands as we get near Fair time.

Let’s all pray for a successful and safe 2023 Hancock County Fair.


Greg Wettstain, President Scott Basham, Vice President