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Saturday Following Homecoming Events

Ice Cream Eating Contest

Saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm

Pavilion Area

Chairperson: Julie Rucker


1. Contestants must be 18 yrs of age.

2. Contest will last 6 minutes

3. Contestants are seated with hands flat on table.

4. Contest starts when Judge say “GO.”

5. Contestants may eat ice cream however they want.

6. Contestants may only use utensils provided.

7. When Judge says “STOP” any ice cream in mouth may

    be eaten but any ice cream on way to mouth must be

    put down.

8. Contestant who finishes a quart of ice cream first is

    winner. (Container must be completely empty)

9. If no contestant finishes a quart of ice cream; the  

    contestant who has eaten the most is winner.

10. Judge’s decision is final.

Cups of water and wet wipes will be provided for all contestants.


Prayer Meeting

Wednesday Night August 4th

Pre-service Concert at 6:15 pm

Services at 6:30 pm

All churches and denominations are invited.

$100 and traveling plaque will be awarded to church with highest percentage attendance.

                   Cake Walk

                                                  Saturday morning at 11:45am

                                           Pavilion Area              

                                              Chairperson: Julie Rucker

                                                 Each participant will stand on

a number. We will play music

                   and when the music stops you stand on   the number closest to you. We will draw a number

and the participant on that number will get to

pick the cake of his/her choice.


              We will play until all the cakes are gone!

Click the Microphone to download a PDF of the Talent Show Entry Form