1430 State Route 1389  •  Hawesville, Kentucky 42348  •  (270) 927-6525


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  1. Classes will be determined by weight on the day of the show and will include

    a novice weight class

    (Novice will not show for champion)

  2. Open to youth 9-19 that are enrolled in a 4-H or FFA Market Lamb Project.

  3. All exhibitors should be prepared to present health paper if requested.

  4. Exhibitors 8 years old and younger as of January 1, 2021 are eligible to compete in

      the Novice weight class.

  5. Lambs should be shorn for show.

  6. Showmanship classes will begin show (see classes listed below.)

  7. Hancock County youth only.

  8. The show committee shall rule on any questions arising and not covered by the other rules.

  9. Lambs must be owned and cared for by youth exhibiting animal.

10. Livestock Record Book must be completed and turned in for each species (lamb and goat).

11. All goats must meet Kentucky Health requirements for exhibition.

12. Exhibitors may enter market wether or market ewes/does. All wethers must be clean castrated.

13. All lambs/goats will be shown by weights.

      All lambs/goats must weigh a minimum of 40 lbs. on show day.


Class 1    Light Weight      Lambs/Goats

Class 2    Medium Weight      Lambs/Goats

Class 3    Heavy Weight      Lambs/Goats

Class 4    Grand Champion Rosette

Class 5    Reserve Champion Rosette

Class 6    Showmanship – Novice (6 yrs and under as of 1/1/21) Rosette

Class 7    Showmanship – Novice (7-8 yrs old as of 1/1/21) Rosette

Class 8    Showmanship – Junior (9-11 yrs old as of 1/1/21) Rosette

Class 9    Showmanship – Intermediate (12-14 yrs old as of 1/1/21) Rosette

Class 10  Showmanship – Senior (15 yrs and over as of 1/1/21) Rosette

Youth Market Lamb/Goat Show

Livestock Barn

Thursday, August 5 at 6:30 pm

Chairman: Evan Tate- 270-668-3167

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Click 4-H logo for the 2021 Ky State Fair 4-H Catalog